These Brothers Took Artistry To The Next Level. Unbelievable!

The internet has very amazing snow sculptures which you may have seen before. You can find simple to more complex projects but all in all, it’s quite phenomenal coming up with something beautiful from snow. The Bartz Brothers who come from Minnesota came up with this recent video. You will understand why we were filled with delight when we watched this! Connor, Trevor and Austin Bartz have done other amazing sculptures before prior to trying this one out using snow. In the past, they have come up with a gigantic snow shark, a puffer fish and a snow walrus. However, I believe their most impressive and coolest project is their latest creation.

The Bartz brothers were presented with conducive building conditions when the Minnesota area was hit by frigid temperatures. Their work ended-up coming up with a snow sea turtle that is 12-foot-tall. To ensure not a single step was missed when making the seafaring creature, they set up a camera to record everything. The manner in which they transform snow into something that looks like a living thing is so amazing. It’s hard to find a mistake when you compare the created creature from the real living thing. It’s unbelievable how such a massive sculpture can be made and last within the Minnesota environment. So Cool!

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