A confusing tricky puzzle challenge brought to be tested many actually will be incorrect

Puzzles like that one, riddles, tests, and problems are great to exercise your brain!

Back in the day, I had a book full of brainteasers. I would open and start solving them almost anywhere, at school, home or even in the car – but regardless, it was always fun to challenge yourself and exercise your competitive instinct a little.

Well, Lots of us will get it wrong..

Exercising your brain in these difficult times is more important than ever. After all, you’ve got to stay home you can use it amd make use of it to your mind properly.


However, I found a mysterious find that wasn’t quote easy on the internet. Many people answer incorrectly – once you see the answer, you will understand the reason. In other words, this is not easy.

It’s important to think before you decide on your final answer.

Can you solve this mystery?

Honestly, it’s time to see if you can solve this difficult problem!

Source Image: The Laugh Club / N365

Someone’s has 4 children

– North

– West

– South

What is the name of your fourth son?

Yes, think about it – we will show you the answer at the bottom of the next picture.


The correct answer is that the name of the fourth son is someone.

Many of you may have thought his name was east, but no it wasn’t lol, because all three other sons have names related to the main directions, but that is incorrect. In fact, the answer is already in this riddle picture.

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Big h/t to TheLaughClub

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