These Twins Recite The Lord’s Prayer, But What One Of Them Does? Hilarious!

As I grew up, I always wished I had a twin. As much as it may double the trouble for the parents, one will surely accept that it’s good to grow up with a twin by your side.

I just like working with Little Things since I always get to watch humorous clips about twins. These are so many in the web and the moment I came across this video of gorgeous twins taking a bath, I could not stop laughing. You can see how the two are having fun, and it continues as they grow older till they become adults.

Twins always have a bond from the time they are born and that particular relationship last a lifetime. I am pretty sure that every parent who has twins will have to admit this. It’s like two is always better than one. In this clip, you are about to see how a father appreciates his young girl’s attractive antics for the many years ahead.

Their father tells them to recite the “The lord’s Prayer” while he records them. In such a case, we do not always expect everything to happen as expected. Watch this video and see what the girl on the right did.

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